The New Doula Joyce

Several months ago, I started working with a graphic designer on my logo and brand design. Machelle Kolbo at was amazing to work with. She helped me refine my brand identity, how I want Doula Joyce to feel, what I want my business to represent, what is important to me as a doula. Machelle made the design process so easy and simple, she kept me moving forward with thought-provoking questions, and she was perfectly gracious when I was nit-picking her hard work. Not only that, her work is exquisite in its simplicity and warmth! She created a beautiful logo and brand for me, that perfectly represents who I was before becoming a birth doula, who I am now, and who I want to be as I grow.


My logo combines my love of science and research evidence with my love of providing compassionate mother-centered care, and my goal to support birthing mothers gently, with a sense of wholeness. To me, doula care is knowing the science, and unconditionally supporting my clients' decisions. It is recognizing that birth produces not only a baby, but also a mother, and an entirely new family that never existed before, and this birth is placed within the context of a lifetime. It is putting myself aside to serve a birthing woman, and also ensuring I am healthy and able to serve again.

Somehow, Machelle managed to capture all of this in my logo for me. I think she did a fantastic job, I am very proud of what we created together! I hope you like my new look as well.