Hi, my name is Joyce Dykema and I'm an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor!

An Evidence Based Birth® Instructor is a birth professional specially trained in how to help families get evidence based care. I am one of only about 100 Evidence Based Birth® Instructors around the world!

I applied to become an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor because I believe that every birthing person deserves a positive, respectful and safe experience. Sadly this is not a reality for most women, but I’m proud to be joining forces with professionals and parents around the world to ensure that things change for the better!

If you want to be empowered with the latest evidence and to take control over your birth OR if you want to help your clients take control over their births, then keep reading to find out what I can offer you.

Want more evidence?


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Savvy Birth Pro Workshop

I am excited to bring Savvy Birth Pro Workshops to the Lincoln, NE area!

The Savvy Birth Pro Workshop (3 contact hours) was developed by Evidence Based Birth® to give you the skills you need to help your clients attain the best possible chance at evidence based care during pregnancy and labor.

Upcoming Savvy Birth Pro Workshops:

Soon in 2019!

Here's what past Savvy Birth Pro attendees have said about Joyce's Workshop:

Thanks again for the really enlightening workshop, and thanks for the resources!!
— Ivy
This was such an enlightening workshop and I appreciate you bringing it to us!!
— Carrie
This pretty much rocked.
— Mariah


Evidence Based Birth® Seminar Series

I am thrilled to be able to present the first-annual Evidence Based Birth® Seminar Series for Lincoln, NE-area professionals!

At each of our three, 1.5 hour seminar sessions, we will cover hot topics in the birth field. You'll get the chance to network with other professionals and earn midwifery, nursing, doula, childbirth educator, and physician contact hours!


Contact Joyce to schedule a workshop in your area.

Topics for 2018, each worth 1.5 contact hours:

  • Due Dates

  • Home Birth Transfers

  • Newborn Procedures

Interested in bringing a workshop or Seminar Series to your Professional Community, Birth Organization or local Hospital? 

Contact: Joyce Dykema with questions.


Savvy Birth Workshops for Parents

Are you anxious about your upcoming birth? The Savvy Birth Workshop for parents was developed by Evidence Based Birth® to give you and your partner the confidence and know-how you need to have a more positive, empowering experience in the birthing room.

Upcoming Savvy Birth Workshops for Parents:

Savvy Birth 101: Saturday October 6, 2018, 1:30-2:30pm

The Savvy Birth Workshop for Parents: Coming soon!

Here's what past attendees have said about Joyce's Workshop:

Excellent class!
Liked the interactive environment!
Fun class!
Super informative and I enjoyed how interactive it was.


Private Coaching for my Expecting Parents

If you hire me to be your doula, as an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor I will work with you one-on-one to increase your confidence about your upcoming birth. As a client of mine, your eyes will be opened and you'll feel much more at ease, knowing that you DO have the ultimate power and say in your care!



Evidence Based Birth® Professional Member

I’m proud to be a professional member of Evidence Based Birth®, where I take classes so that I can continually stay on top of research in the childbirth field. If you’re interested in joining, I’d love to see you there! Click the badge below to join.*
*Disclaimer: this is a referral link.