About Doula Joyce

Professional Training

DONA International Birth Doula Training Workshop 8/2009

DONA International Birth Doula Certification (CD(DONA)) since 5/2012

Trained Hypnobabies® Hypno-Doula (HCHD) since 5/2015

Evidence Based Birth® Instructor since 3/2017

Spinning Babies workshop 2014

Certified Rebozo Apprentice with Gena Kirby 2016.

B.A. Psychology, Knox College, 2003.

M.S. Biological Sciences, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2008.

Professional Experience

As of June 2019, I have attended 103 births as a doula. I have experience supporting spontaneous, induced, and augmented labors, spontaneous and assisted births, Cesarean births, VBAC births, and twins. I attend births at all hospitals in Lincoln and surrounding communities, and Lincoln’s freestanding birth center, Good Life Birth Place.

I have instructional experience in a variety of formal and informal educational settings since 2001, and have instructed individuals and small and large groups from elementary age children through adults.


Professional Memberships

DONA International 2009-Present

International Cesarean Awareness Network 2014-Present

Birth Monopoly Doula Power 2016-Present

Evidence Based Birth® Instructor and Professional Member* 2017-Present

*Disclaimer: This is a referral link.

Volunteer Experience

ICAN, the International Cesarean Awareness Network, chapter co-leader 2014-18

DONA International Nebraska Ambassador since 2016

Doulas of Lincoln founder and board member since 2016

My Philosophy

“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.” –Barbara Katz Rothman

I believe:

  • Birth is a natural biological and physiological process

  • Outside factors can have a profound influence on childbirth

  • There are circumstances where medical intervention is necessary or desired

  • Attending and supporting families through birth is normal and beneficial

  • Attending and supporting families can have a profound positive influence on both medical and emotional aspects of birth. This positive influence can help reduce the likelihood that medical intervention will be needed, and when intervention is necessary, can help the birthing person begin to process their experience in a positive manner.

As a doula, I am primarily focused on the person giving birth. While I am passionate about physiologic childbirth, my goal is for my clients to have empowering and positive births, as they define it. I cannot guarantee that you will have your ideal birth, nor can I guarantee that you will not face the unexpected. However, as your doula, I do guarantee that I will do my best to help you prepare for your ideal birth and help you navigate the birth that you receive with dignity and strength so that your birth is a positive experience you will remember fondly.