Calling all birth stories!

This is a repost of my journal entry for my Birth Stories blog, found HERE. Please check out the 2 new guest Birth Stories, and please submit your own if you wish!


At the urging of some lovely friends, this is a call for YOU to submit your birth story for inclusion in my journal. Please keep private any personal information you wish to remain private. This can include doctor/nurse/midwife/doula names, your name, your husband's name, your child's name, birthdate, sex, weight, etc. I will likely post stories as-is unless significant editing needs to be done for space, brevity, language, etc. If I do any editing to your story, I will send it back to you for approval before posting it here.

I want:

  • Positive stories
  • Negative stories
  • Home birth stories
  • Hospital stories
  • Midwife stories
  • Doctor stories
  • Vaginal birth stories
  • Cesarean birth stories
  • Multiples birth stories
  • Singleton birth stories
  • New stories
  • Old stories
  • And everything I've forgotten to list!

My hope is to create a collection of real-life birth stories, by women for women. Women today don't have an accurate picture of what birth is really like. We see "birth" on tv, in movies, even TLC's A Birth Story is a Hollywood edited version of birth. Real birth is messy, unpredictable, predictable, emotional, incredible, difficult, and beautiful, all at the same time. Let's tell it like it is ladies!

Please send me your story by using my Contact Form: HERE

Joyce Dykema