No More Catfights - link

Mama Birth posted an article about how all the catfights between different camps within the natural birthing and natural parenting movements are detrimental to the movement itself. I have seen this on many occasions. "They probably feed that child formula/poison," said in a group of women seeking breastfeeding support, many of whom have to supplement with formula out of necessity, and on the advice of lactation specialists. "Letting a baby cry it out is so cruel," in response to a mother desperate for rest with an older infant who would rather play all night than sleep. "There are so many poisons in disposable diapers," to the family whose daycare facility refuses to cloth diaper. "I will never let a doctor induce me," in response to the birth story that involved severe preeclampsia, for which the only cure is the birth of the baby. Mama Birth's point is that there are many ways to parent a child, and all parents love their children. Yes, the mother who feeds formula loves her baby! Yes, the mother who chose an epidural for her birth loves her baby! Yes, the mother who chose a homebirth loves her baby! We cannot all get everything "right" in life. We must balance our wishes with the resources we have, the information we have, and with the situations we find ourselves in, in order to make the best choice possible. So no more catfights!

Joyce Dykema