I have been woefully neglectful of my blog in recent months! However, the holidays are now (mostly) over (we still have some family to see), and I can now make our news public to my blog.

We will become a family of four on or around May 27th, 2011!


But what does this mean for my potential clients?

Well, so far this pregnancy has been easier than my pregnancy with toddler-K, so that is good. If a pregnant couple wanted to hire me for a due date that is before my own, I will be glad to serve them as long as my midwife allows.

The closer your due date is to mine though, the more wary I am. My son was born the day after his due date, and this baby is measuring similarly. I don't anticipate going very long past my due date with this baby, I'm predicting that he/she will arrive pretty close to the due date. However, that is only a prediction, and Baby isn't telling when his/her birthday will be. For clients with due dates close to mine, I plan to rely heavily on my back-ups, just in case I deliver "early", or you deliver "late." For those clients, we would schedule at least two prenatal meetings with my back-up just to be sure you are comfortable with her in the event I cannot doula for you. That said, at this point, I am perfectly comfortable providing doula care up until the day I deliver, although I would prefer the chance to shower and sleep between your birth and mine!

For couples with due dates after my own, I will refer most of you to my back-up doulas for the first three to six months of my postpartum period. Some noteworthy exceptions include former clients and personal friends. This all depends on how we four adjust to our new life together, especially with regard to breastfeeding.


As always, if you have questions regarding my services, send me an email using my contact form!

Doula Joyce :)

Joyce Dykema