Breastfeeding is great!

Here's an article from Molly Remer again ( about her experience at a seminar by the incredible Dr. Jack Newman, breastfeeding advocate. Some of my favorites from Molly's article:


  • …there is no such thing as “standard” breastmilk. It is a physiological fluid and varies from person to person. We DO NOT have to prove that breastfeeding is better than formula. Those comparison studies are unnecessary.
  • The exclusively breastfed, well-gaining 5 month old is getting only, at most, 10-15% more milk than the exclusively breastfeeding, well-gaining 1 month old, even though the 5 month old is twice as heavy. 
  • Colostrum has 100,000-5,000,000 leukocytes per ml–that is more than blood. (i.e. colostrum has more white blood cells in it than your actual blood has in it!)
  • There are no such thing as “flat nipples”–women have normal nipples.


Wonderful article and blog, check it out!

Joyce Dykema