After doulaing several Hypnobabies births and being extremely impressed with the method, I decided to pursue Hypno-Doula training through Hypnobabies. This was put on temporary hold when we discovered we were expecting our third baby, only because now I was taking Hypnobabies to try it myself in childbirth! Incredible. If you are on the fence about taking a Hypnobabies course, take the leap and do it. Just remember that you receive what you put into the program. The in-person class has produced better results than the home study among my doula clients, the personal accountability and camaradarie from your classmates is so valuable. Also, the students who practiced regularly experienced better results than those who did not prioritize daily practice. Again, incredible, I would highly recommend this method of childbirth preparation to anyone, but especially anyone who feels fear, anxiety, or apprehension concerning childbirth. Head over to HeartlandHypnobabies.com and get in touch with my friend Rebecca and her Hypnobabies class!

And now that baby W is 10 months old, I can say with pride that I am now also a Trained Hypnobabies® Hypno-Doula! You can find me on the Hypnobabies® page at Find a Hypno-Doula.

Joyce Dykema