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Most birthing families that I encounter have a goal of a positive, satisfying birth experience. The definition of positive and satisfying will of course include details specific to each individual birthing person and birth partner, but I have found, and research has confirmed, that birth satisfaction really has nothing to do with pain, method of birth, medication or no medication, who is there, or any of those things. Hodnett conducted a systematic review, published in 2002, that found birth satisfaction is based on four primary factors: personal expectations, the amount of support from caregivers, the quality of the caregiver-patient relationship, and involvement in decision making.

Does that surprise you? So much of your satisfaction in childbirth hinges on your relationships with your caregivers! So how do you know if your caregiver is truly supportive? How do you know if your expectations of childbirth match with how your caregiver will manage your care during birth? How can you improve your caregiver relationship? How can you improve and increase your involvement in decision making? As Doula Joyce, I now offer four different ways to help you do just that.

As a birth doula, I am on the ground with you during your birth experience, facilitating improved communication, putting the ball back in your court, advocating for your right to informed consent and refusal.

The Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class provides excellent training on advocating for yourselves during pregnancy and birth, as well as a focus on the evidence on childbirth, and a wide variety of evidence based techniques to increase your comfort. Childbirth Class students receive all the information from Savvy Birth Workshops (see below), and personalized mentoring from their EBB® Instructor.

Evidence Based Birth® Savvy Birth 101 and the Savvy Birth Workshop for Parents are specific training and education on how to identify supportive caregivers, improve caregiver-patient relationships, and improving your involvement in birth decisions. Separate from childbirth education, these workshops are specifically geared towards self-advocacy and improving your own chances at receiving respectful maternity care.

Finally, I have put together a quick reference of my top 6 tips for having a positive birth! You can request your complimentary copy of my one-page PDF in your email using the form below. Subscribers to my Parents newsletter will receive exclusive coupon codes to my classes and workshops as well, unsubscribe at any time (Birth Professionals can join my Pro newsletter at the bottom of this page).

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