What will my birth be like?

I recently came across a poignant and beautiful Humans of New York post. It was a father, telling of his and his wife's decision to have a baby. "Full Human Experience" was one of the pros on their list, and it became an inside joke as they navigated the challenges and difficulties of parenting their baby. That post made me think about the wide range of birth experiences that are possible. 

I have long thought that childbirth is life, beyond the obvious way in which birth brings forth new life. Rather, birth itself is a full human experience, Life with a capital L, one of those rare life events in which the full range of human emotions and physical sensations is possible, in a relatively short period of time.

During your birth you may feel love, anger, disgust, joy, sadness, surprise, anticipation, guilt, pleasure, pain, grief, wonder, hunger and thirst, pressure, adoration, confusion, satisfaction, and more. 

What will your birth be like? There is no crystal ball. You should expect to feel human sensations. You should expect to feel human emotions. Most of all, be open to the full human experience that is childbirth.

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