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The First Hundred

I am so pleased to announce, I have provided doula support at the births of 100 babies since my doula training in 2009! Come read more, and geek out with me as I dig into my doula practice’s birth statistics!

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2016-2017 Nebraska Hospital Cesarean Rates

Last August I published my calculations of Nebraska hospital overall Cesarean rates for the public. I am pleased to present this year's update. Again using data provided free to the public by the Nebraska Hospital Association at, I calculated overall hospital-level Cesarean rates for the year beginning July 2016 and ending June 2017.

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2015-2016 Nebraska Hospital Cesarean Rates

Research suggests the largest risk factor for a woman to give birth by Cesarean is not any health or demographic characteristic; it is the hospital where she goes for care. I was able to calculate hospital-level Cesarean rates for every hospital in the state of Nebraska that provides maternity care, and have provided them for you here.

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