Where's that baby? Reasons to be thankful you're still pregnant

It can be difficult to be 9 months pregnant. Just standing up, putting on your shoes, actually finding shoes that fit, you may find it very uncomfortable! Then you have well-meaning friends and family constantly calling, texting, stopping over, and stalking your social media, waiting for the wonderful news that your bundle of joy has finally arrived! Well, here are some reasons why you can be glad you’re still pregnant even after you’ve reached term! I hope this list gives you some positive things to focus on as you wait for your baby’s birth day!

  1. Your baby will never be easier to care for than now! Clothes? Don’t need them! Fed? You’ve got that covered! Diapers? No wiping needed yet! Bassinet? It’s still an extra laundry hamper (oh, just me??) No baby monitor needed, night wakings are at least on your body’s schedule, no bottles, no spit up, no car seats, so rejoice!

  2. You can probably get a foot rub from anyone right now! Aching toes and swollen ankles? Ask for a footrub and I’m sure somebody will give you some relief!

  3. You can schedule all sorts of fun things to do, one every day, because you’re still pregnant! Give yourself something to look forward to as you pass the days, lunch with your bestie, movie dates (out or at home) with your sweetie, pedicures, make your favorite soups and casseroles for the freezer, free makeover at the makeup counter, go bowling (be gentle with your back!), swimming, you can try that hair or face mask recipe you found on Pinterest the other day, shop for nursery decorations, get maternity photos, get a massage, you get the picture!

  4. You’re normal! Only half of all first time moms will give birth before 40 weeks and 5 days of pregnancy, 5 days after the estimated due date. So rest assured, and consider giving everyone a time range for when you expect your baby to be born, rather than a single date.

  5. You can start bonding right now! Most of you have been playing with your baby already, feeling the kicks, poking back, talking to your baby, singing, reading, some of you have already named your baby! All of this bonding is good for the two of you and your relationship, so keep it up!

I hope that helped you feel better about still being pregnant, I know it can get frustrating and feel overwhelming, but I promise, your baby will come out! Try to focus on the good and the positive, and hopefully your last weeks of pregnancy will be filled with joy and glad anticipation!