The First Hundred

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Between my DONA International birth doula training in August 2009 and April 2019, I have supported the births of 100 babies! I have beautiful, moving memories of every birth I supported. I have learned so much about birth support and being a doula in the last 9+ years, I hope I have been open to every lesson, that I continue to be teachable, that I am humbled by the beauty and power of birth every day, and as I move forward, that the next 100 births teach me even more! The incredible privilege I have in being able to do this work, the sacrifices and support of my family and friends, and the work I am able to do to recover and stay healthy to support the next birth are not lost on me. Thank you to the first 100 for welcoming me into the beautiful, challenging transitions of your lives and your precious families.

And now for the Geek-Out! Feel free to dig in or to zone out while I get my nerd on, ha! Statistics for my first 100 births!

Of 100 births:

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  • 15 birthed by Cesarean

  • 5 birthed assisted by vacuum (0 assisted by forceps)

  • 85 birthed vaginally (includes the vacuum-assisted births)

  • 10 received an episiotomy

  • 22 had at least one prior Cesarean birth

  • 21 planned to labor after Cesarean (TOLAC/planned VBAC/LAC)

  • 19 VBACs (90.48% VBAC rate)

  • Of the 15 Cesarean births I supported, 6 were planned, 9 had an unplanned Cesarean during labor

  • 30 had their labors induced

  • 25 went into labor naturally, and had their labors augmented

  • Of births that were induced or augmented, 17.31% of those births were by Cesarean

  • 39 received epidural/spinal (includes all who gave birth by Cesarean, so 24 vaginal births included epidural)

  • 43 received any pain medication (epidural/spinal, IV medication, nitrous oxide)

  • 57 birthed without the use of pain medication

  • 5 gave birth preterm (prior to 37 weeks of pregnancy)

  • 40 gave birth after their estimated due date (4o weeks)

  • 8 punctual babies were born on their estimated due dates

  • Two sets of twins

  • 51 girls, and 49 boys

  • The largest birthweight was 10 pounds 6 ounces

  • The smallest birthweight was 3 pounds 12 ounces

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