Which childbirth class should I choose?

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So you decided to take a childbirth class? Great! Now which one is right for you?

If you are lucky enough to have more than one option for your childbirth education, you will be evaluating both the class and the instructor as you make your choice.

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  1. Does the childbirth method make sense to you, or sound like something you would enjoy learning and using? If you are choosing between methods, go to the instructor’s website or the childbirth method’s website and learn more about what to expect from the class.

  2. Once you have narrowed down your choices to a few methods, you need to decide on an instructional style. You can self-teach childbirth education from books and online sources, you can choose an online email or webinar-style course, you can take a hybrid class (like the EBB® Childbirth Class!), or you can take an in-person class. Each method has pros and cons, and one may work well for your schedule while others do not mesh. Do bear in mind that self-teaching also requires time and resources as you locate quality information, and all good childbirth education courses will give you homework to practice between classtimes so you can build your skills and knowledge.

  3. Many childbirth educators offer group classes, some offer private classes, and some offer both. Be aware that a private class will be more expensive than a group class, but you will receive more customized content and personalized scheduling with the increased fee.

  4. Some health insurance policies will reimburse or cover childbirth education, and you may be able to use your Flex, FSA, HSA, and/or HRA accounts to pay for childbirth education (and to pay your doula!), so check with your employer or policy first.

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Here’s the bottom line: You may only have only home study and online options in your area, or you may be choosing between multiple local childbirth education classes. Figure out if your health insurance will cover part of your class fee and how else you will pay for your class. Then evaluate the childbirth method, course style and format, and instructor that you want. You may not be able to have your first choice, but a quality childbirth education will serve you well through your pregnancy, parenthood, and your life as a healthcare consumer.