What if my birth plan is flexible?

A common question that I am asked, and a situation I frequently encounter in the birth room, is what does a doula do when plans change? My tongue-in-cheek, rhetorical response would be, when do plans NOT change? However, the heart of the question is truly this: If I change my mind during my birth, what will my doula do if I'm not having a natural birth anymore?

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Joyce Dykema
2015-2016 Nebraska Hospital Cesarean Rates

Research suggests the largest risk factor for a woman to give birth by Cesarean is not any health or demographic characteristic; it is the hospital where she goes for care. I was able to calculate hospital-level Cesarean rates for every hospital in the state of Nebraska that provides maternity care, and have provided them for you here.

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Birthing in Nebraska

Making an informed decision on where to have your baby to get the best health outcomes is nearly impossible. It is far easier finding information on strollers than it is to find hospital-level statistics on childbirth practices and outcomes! Here is my experience finding hospital-level statistics on childbirth in Nebraska.

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